Simple Automatic Time Tracking

Easy, automatic time tracking for freelancers and independent professionals. It automatically tracks what you're working on, then categorizes your tasks into various projects and activities.

|   $9.99

Fully Automatic

Never enter time manually again. Time Tracker Professional runs in the background and automatically records where your time goes. Just start it and forget it.


Time Tracker Professional stays out of your way while you work. One click, and you get it back.


You can rely on Time Tracker Professional to track every second of your time with precision accuracy.


Every application that you can see, Time Tracker Professional sees and tracks as well. It also tracks all documents and web pages associated with each application. Click here for more information.


Organize your newly tracked tasks into projects and activities. Projects can represent different clients, while activities can represent specific tasks for that client.


View your usage via a flexible date widget. See today's, yesterday's or last week's data. Or create your own custom date range.


Time Tracker Professional automatically stops tracking if you step away from your Mac. Tracking is resumed once you get back. Need to turn it off manually? No problem.

I had major issues keeping track of where my time was going, but now I don't have to worry about all that — Time Tracker Professional logs it all automatically.
Sam Turner Experienced, versatile digital designer.
It's fantastic mainly because I don't have to worry about tracking my work — I work and it tracks!
Edson Pieczarka Jr Creative mobile app developer.
It's an indispensable tool that every freelancer must have. And it's a complete joy to use.
Earl Baron Freelancer, blogger and world nomad.
True to its name, Time Tracker Pro does an amazing job of tracking app usage. It is a powerful tool that takes the work out of tracking your time.
Paul Farnam Mobile app developer extraordinaire.
Buying Time Tracker Professional was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I sure don't miss entering my time manually into time sheets.
Robert Marshall UX designer, father, and chief coffee drinker.
It's the first thing I launch when I start working. Don't buy it if you love time sheets.
Justin S. Kahn Attorney, professor, frequent speaker, tech lover.

|   $9.99